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Quotes I've been going to the local Toyota dealership for a long time for my maintenance but prices are getting to be very unreasonable. So I finally decided to go on yelp and look for a decent mechanic who specializes in Toyotas. I find Jason's shop w/ great reviews so I call him up to schedule an appointment. He says I don't need an appointment and to just come on down. I tell him that I need an oil change and he fixes my car as soon as I get there. The prices that he charges are great. The type of oil that he uses which is a synthetic blend is waaaaaay cheaper than what the dealership would charge me and they would use regular oil. I also asked how much he charges for brakes and I was shocked that he charges so little compared to other shops in the area. I have finally found a new mechanic I can trust to work on mine and my wife's car. Definitely will be a repeat customer. Thanks Jason. Quotes
Andrei S.

Quotes My parents referred me to their "fabulous mechanic" Jason @ Nightwerks, and my Wife and I couldn't be happier! Within the 1st visit, we knew we'd found our local auto mechanic. Jason is Honest! To quote a statement he said to me during my last visit, "I'm not going to sell you something you don't need." A hard worker, always returns phone calls and explains everything in detail. The honesty and competitive pricing will keep us returning for years to come. Thanks Mom & Dad! Quotes
Geoff A.

Quotes Jason is the best mechanic by far! He has bailed me out on more than one occasion. The latest being when I had a serious flat and needed rotors as well. My husband was out of town on business and we have no family here. His wife drove me home and then Jason brought me my car the next day. He is straightforward, honest, and does great work. I highly recommend him if you need anything done to your car! Quotes
Melissa R.

Quotes Great mechanic!! Extremely honest and friendly! Prices are very reasonable. We started going to Jason a few months ago. We have found our family mechanic, which includes basic oil changes and maintenance. Quotes
Alicia J.

Quotes Jason is awesome! Truly an honest mechanic. We've gone to him a couple of times for car issues. His prices are fair and he doesn't try to upsell or give you a list of unnecessary repairs. Other places charge you just to touch the car. (Galpin Mazda charges a minimum of $169 just to look at the car). But Jason will take a look at the problem and give you a free diagnosis and estimate. The only "problem" is that the place can be hard to find. It's in the area near Home Depot with a bunch of other mechanic shops. You can easily drive past it if you're not looking carefully. I highly recommend Nightwerks to anyone having car issues. Quotes
Michelle K.

Quotes Jason fixed my 350 Z and my Mazda always without problems in a timely manner, with the best price and the best service. I recommend all my friends to him and they all come back super happy. It's hard to find a mechanic who is honest to women. Quotes
Theresa N.

Quotes I love Nightwerks! I have been taking my cars there since the day it opened. Jason does great work. He knows his stuff and treats you right. He is the most honest mechanic I know. I was sad that I had to move out of state for work. I cant find a shop as good as Nightwerks! Quotes
Nathan M.

Quotes Nightwerks best mechanic in California can't ask for any better very honest I've been taking my car to him for almost 6 years now my whole family goes to Jason very fast and knows what he's doing there's not a car he can't work on :) 5 stars for sure Quotes
Ryan N.

Quotes Jason is the most honest person I have ever dealt with regards to my car repair. I trust him completely. He never makes you feel uncomfortable like you're being taken advantage of. His prices are very reasonable. He would never recommend repairs that are not necessarily. Recently we thought our AC was shot and apparently something wasn't tight. He tightened it and we were on the way. Works perfectly! He could have recommended all kinds of stuff and we would have been non the wise. I recommend his shop to every single person I know. He has bailed me out with my cars on so many occasions!! Thank you Jason! Quotes
Jenn B.

Quotes I definitely owe Jason a review. I've taken my cars to him many times. This guy is honest and reasonable with his prices. I've taken my car to other mechanics and they will charge you 2x the work then he will. He even looked at my car when the AC wasn't working and found the problem (just a detached plug) and fixed it free of charge. He did lose my wheel caps once but replaced them when I let him know with newish ones. Great service. Haven't taken my car in for larger issues but will if problems arise. Quotes
Chad L.
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